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December 06, 2011, 10:46:27 AM
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I can understand that Glow.  :console:  I hate doctors too.  I've negative experiences as well from idiot  :finger: doctors.

 :grouphug:  It's tough when there are so many awful doctors.

December 06, 2011, 11:08:06 AM
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Thanks ((((Happy))))

I have no end of horrible doctor stories  :sadwave:

December 06, 2011, 11:30:05 AM
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That's awful Glow.    I would be upset too   :cloud: :bat:

 :console:  I understand.  I haven't been to the doctors for a long time, either.  But now, I really can't until I update my health card.  I am in Canada and so thing work differently.

I wonder if you tried group therapy but forgive me if I missed it in your postings that you did....I hear Downy says there's lots in her area.  There is none in my area...none that I've heard about.

December 06, 2011, 12:41:10 PM
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I understand. I have a rare neurological disorder that was misdiagnosed for three and a half decades to the tune of me spending a good chunk of my 20s in the nut house.  I know how they treat you. I know the dread. I did not go for large chunks of time without medical care. I got treated like shit when I did go. When I was a kid, my drama queen mother, well, let's not even go there. You get the idea. The problem is there comes a time that you need a doctor or a pdoc in a bind and you are in no shape to go to one. I'm not saying to run right out and go....I'm just saying it's a goal to work towards. There are a few out there that are not asses.

And I want to tell you that I am proud you were able to write that. I know it was difficult.
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December 06, 2011, 08:29:13 PM
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December 10, 2011, 01:31:00 PM
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 :console: I'm sorry you had to experience that Glow. There are some terrible doctors out there. I know that. My parents took me to some as a child that were terrible. One diagnosed me with a heart problem that I didn't have. Another said I my feet were turned inward or outward or something and had me put in these leg braces (like the ones Forrest Gump had). I was very young, so I don't remember much. I had to wear them at night and couldn't really move with them. That doc was an idiot. The problem is he is a relative, so my parents trusted him. My pediatrician was pretty bad too.

I have also had some really crappy docs here in Houston. The difference is that now I educate myself, so I know when the doc is an idiot. I feel sorry for people who don't know. I did manage to find a decent pdoc and a really nice GP though.

It is hard to find the good ones. I have this new rule for myself. I will not go to a doc who's too old, b/c they went to medical school in the dark ages and don't keep up with current research. And also I'm not going to one who was educated in another country. I don't have that much confidence in those docs. They never seem to know what they're doing. Now I will do research online to see where the doc was educated, and I look for pics to see how old they are.

Glow, I'm not a medical expert, but it seems to me that you may have been misdiagnosed about the brain damage. I think your reaction to social situations is completely normal. Everyone gets anxious and upset when people are rude. And lots of people without brain damage have social anxiety.

I'm not sure how your insurance works, but can you skip the regular doc and go straight to a pdoc? That's what I do. Regular docs don't know anything about mental illness. When I move to a new place, the first thing I do is get a pdoc. I also get a gyno, but I don't need a regular doc. Pretty much all they do is refer you to a specialist anyway. I know that some insurance requires you to go to a regular doc first though.
This too shall pass.

December 29, 2011, 09:43:12 PM
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Thinking of you :pump:

April 01, 2012, 12:39:53 PM
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Glow, are you still around? How are things going?
This too shall pass.