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December 02, 2011, 07:25:14 PM
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Yes, I do have my opinions KC. So, you'll understand when I tell you that my real PTSD was triggered when I read your account and I was offended at your overexaggerated account of an IV hurting. IVs routinely feel like they are stabbing and and often leave a bruise. That is no big deal.

What really pisses me off is that another member of staff here knew I had been triggered and sent you a PM last night saying she was adding trigger warnings because it might set someone off. I posted this morning. You made your reply. Instead of reaching out to me with any kind of compassion, you are defensive, probably wanting an apology. Well, KC, here you go...I'm sorry you went through that and that your IV hurt. I spent last night fighting off flashbacks and went to bed wondering if the nightmares were going to consume me. Thanks for asking.

I apologize Sadie for not asking. I was unaware, please forgive me. Now I know. Yes, someone added the triggers, because it never dawned on me. I now know what real PTSD is, and to be safe with others, i will not continue my story. For those who would like to know my story, message me. I'm human, and make mistakes. So, if I sounded offensive as well, I do apologize.

I hope you are feeling better...and sorry for sounding mean towards you. I won't post anymore. I don't want to set more people off.